Best ways to use print marketing for your small business


A budget of a small business is usually tighter as compared to a larger corporation. Running a small business comes with the first constraint — budget. Usually, people tend to make this mistake of setting aside a marketing budget and then considering it as flexible enough to use it in other areas. When you are running on a small budget basis, planning marketing campaigns can be a little tricky! But you need not give up. Playing the cards right and making the right choice can help you promote your business just right. When you are planning to market your business, making use of print marketing is the right thing to do when your budget is running tight. A small budget can go a long way if used with effective digital printing services Dubai. Here are some ways to do it.

Creating business cards and using it: Business cards work like souvenirs after you meet a person because they tend to remember you as you had handed them your card by personally meeting them. It holds a very good recall value. Business cards help in making a physical connection with your potential customer rather than a virtual email or a message, which may not show them who you really are!

Offering loyalty cards: Loyalty cards are one of the most effective tools to have your customers keep coming back to you. They are simple yet powerful. You can make your card even more effective with the help of your business logo branding on it. Loyalty programs help in building a community of buyers and is a very efficient tool of for tangible advertising as people carry your cards in their wallets with your logo on it, giving you genuine publicity.

Posters and banners: Posters and banners are one of the most cost-effective tools for advertising and work wonders for small businesses. Print advertisements have a longer life as compared to an email and are noticeable for a long time and also from a long distance. One can design a poster as per their branding guideline and convey a message they want to reach to their target audience through marketing.

Local Advertisement: This category involves printing in a local newspaper, where you reach through a local newspaper is widely read can be quite effective among small communities. Usually, in a particular area, it is said that at least 2/3rd of the community reads your newspaper, which helps us in reaching out to more than half a community with a local advertisement. Local advertisements can be customized and it creates a good impression if designed well. One can also run an ad in a local bulletin or a school newsletter, where you will save a huge cost and also be effective at the same time.

Finding a great printer: This is the last step in your process but is one of the most crucial ones. If your ad is designed well, but not printed well by a good printing and advertising company in Dubai, it will not be very effective when promoted. Instead, you may end up creating a negative remark in the minds of your audience. Even though your business is small, it can be presented well and that can very well happen with good printing.

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