Trends of outdoor advertising in Dubai

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The steady growth of urbanization and digitization in Dubai has paved the way for better and developed use of outdoor advertising. Today outdoor advertising, more than ever before continues to improve brand recognition in the market and provides effective communication between the consumer and the marketer. Today outdoor advertising has been successful in targeting audiences through both digital and static platforms. And as the market for outdoor advertising continues to grow and innovate, there are new techniques that will now completely transform the outdoor advertising in Dubai.

Below listed are some of the transforming trends in the outdoor advertising of Dubai. Read below to know more about them.

Below listed are some of the transforming trends in the outdoor advertising of Dubai. Read below to know more about them.

Digitization and interactivity

The last few years have been absolutely great and transforming for the outdoor advertising industry in Dubai with the introduction of digitization and new tactics of interactivity. There has been an increase in responsiveness and flexibility towards the audience. Things such as interactive billboards, kiosks are commonly seen in every corner of Dubai. These tools today provide the audiences with great experiences of interactivity and engage them through their own consumption habits.

Faster and smarter advertising

Gone are the days when you had to undergo an exhausting process every time you had to buy outdoor advertising space. Today programmatic buying has become a thing for all major digital players. Lack of planning and manual proposal are no longer the inefficiencies that you have to face. Today many digital billboard companies are owning online marketplaces. This way you can easily pick a location and launch your campaign without any inconvenience caused to you. Not only this through new and improved technologies it is also now possible to gather accurate statistics and data that can help in analyzing your outdoor advertising billboard and help you calculate the reach and engagement of your campaign as well. Outdoor signage advertising services in Dubai have always seen a rise.

Increase in the number of digital signage networks

Today there are several digital signage networks that you can reach out to every time you want to place an advertisement through digital platforms. This trend is expanding in Dubai and is surely one of the most significant trends in the industry of outdoor advertising. These developments have provided more convenience both to the marketer and signage companies.

The transformation of outdoor advertising has paved the way for businesses to advertise their brands effectively and creatively. With an increase in the number of competition, this is surely a boon for businesses. You can today also make use of mobile advertising when promoting your outdoor ad. Kiosks, signage & digital billboards have completely transformed the outdoor marketing.

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Best ways to use print marketing for your small business


A budget of a small business is usually tighter as compared to a larger corporation. Running a small business comes with the first constraint — budget. Usually, people tend to make this mistake of setting aside a marketing budget and then considering it as flexible enough to use it in other areas. When you are running on a small budget basis, planning marketing campaigns can be a little tricky! But you need not give up. Playing the cards right and making the right choice can help you promote your business just right. When you are planning to market your business, making use of print marketing is the right thing to do when your budget is running tight. A small budget can go a long way if used with effective digital printing services Dubai. Here are some ways to do it.

Creating business cards and using it: Business cards work like souvenirs after you meet a person because they tend to remember you as you had handed them your card by personally meeting them. It holds a very good recall value. Business cards help in making a physical connection with your potential customer rather than a virtual email or a message, which may not show them who you really are!

Offering loyalty cards: Loyalty cards are one of the most effective tools to have your customers keep coming back to you. They are simple yet powerful. You can make your card even more effective with the help of your business logo branding on it. Loyalty programs help in building a community of buyers and is a very efficient tool of for tangible advertising as people carry your cards in their wallets with your logo on it, giving you genuine publicity.

Posters and banners: Posters and banners are one of the most cost-effective tools for advertising and work wonders for small businesses. Print advertisements have a longer life as compared to an email and are noticeable for a long time and also from a long distance. One can design a poster as per their branding guideline and convey a message they want to reach to their target audience through marketing.

Local Advertisement: This category involves printing in a local newspaper, where you reach through a local newspaper is widely read can be quite effective among small communities. Usually, in a particular area, it is said that at least 2/3rd of the community reads your newspaper, which helps us in reaching out to more than half a community with a local advertisement. Local advertisements can be customized and it creates a good impression if designed well. One can also run an ad in a local bulletin or a school newsletter, where you will save a huge cost and also be effective at the same time.

Finding a great printer: This is the last step in your process but is one of the most crucial ones. If your ad is designed well, but not printed well by a good printing and advertising company in Dubai, it will not be very effective when promoted. Instead, you may end up creating a negative remark in the minds of your audience. Even though your business is small, it can be presented well and that can very well happen with good printing.

Know why exhibitions are vital for B2B marketing.


A businessman needs to experiment with various marketing strategies if he wants his business to be successful. In this era of evolving digital trends, it’s very important to stay updated and adapt to the newest trends. A business needs to be promoted where its target audience is. Along with adopting digital marketing techniques, it’s also important to use traditional marketing techniques like print advertising, taking part in exhibitions, hoardings, etc. There are various benefits of exhibition stands advertising in Dubai as these are the source of providing opportunities for brand presence and help in engaging with genuine customers and meet potential collaborators. We have enlisted various reasons why exhibitions are important for B2B marketing.

Brand Awareness: One can promote a product or service, by giving it a brand identity. Reaching out to your target audience is possible with various marketing strategies, but having a good brand recall with the help of brand awareness, gives your potential customers a reason to come back to you. Exhibitions help in creating brand awareness among your audience. When participating in an exhibition it’s good to make a strong brand awareness to ensure that you stand out among your competitors. Marketers experiment with ways to promote a business which holds a long-lasting presence. A brand’s awareness makes a brand familiar, which builds an immediate trust factor, leading to a successful brand story.

Lead Generation: Events play a crucial role in generating genuine leads for your business. Businesses for which both sales and marketing leads are important can benefit a lot from exhibition stand builders Dubai. With the help of lead generation, it’s easier to calculate your return on investment in marketing as compared to digital marketing. You can also compare the quality of leads via exhibition or digital marketing. It’s a lot more accurate when received from exhibitions. Leads are important for any and every business and can be a driving factor to participate in exhibitions and get more traction for your business.

Networking: Every business needs networking opportunities to broaden its reach. Exhibitions can help in growing your business network by communicating with a large set of audience. Even though it all completely depends on the size of the exhibition, there is still a very good scope of networking and 121 discussions at exhibitions. Exhibitions and events have a wide set of the audience coming and participating in order to get more business. Thus, 121 communication and networking help largely in getting better business, clients, collaboration and partnership opportunities at exhibitions and events.

Competitive Intelligence: Staying updated about the latest trends in your industry, helps in motivating your team with new ideas. It motivates them to work harder than your competitors. When you take part in exhibitions, it gives your team a competitive spirit to perform better than your competitors. It also helps in motivating them to think better. You not only become aware of your competitor’s products or services but also get ideas about newer marketing and promotional strategies.

Importance of an exhibition stand in building a brand


In today’s time, getting easily noticed at an exhibition is quite a difficult task to achieve. With so many top-notch brands and companies campaigning in the same exhibition as yours, it is always difficult to attract new potential buyers. When this happens one of the most important things that you need to do is to try and become a game changer in order to be the star of the exhibition. And to achieve this there can be no better way than to invest in an Attractive and distinctive exhibition stand. One of the most important and first thing that any visitor notices are your exhibition stand design. This is followed by the products you offer or the services you offer. When you have an extraordinary exhibition stand you can be rest are sure that the stand will help in building your brand and make it stand out in the pool of competition.

When you have an attractive looking exhibition stand it will not only help in pulling and attracting new and potential buyers but will also help you achieve various other things that can be useful for your business in the long run. Everybody must know that the attention span of any new is in an exhibition stand is very limited. This means that you have a very short span of time in order to create a strong and powerful impact on the potential customer. When you have a good exhibition stand this objective can be achieved.

A good exhibition stand can be useful in the following ways:

It can communicate your brand’s message

If creating a strong impact and increase your brand reach in the market is your objective then participating in an exhibition then all you need is an exhibition stand that can communicate across your brand message. A good exhibition stand can reflect your brand values and objectives. This can be very helpful in uplifting your brand image in the market. It highlights your capabilities and your vision. You can connect with Exhibition stand companies in Dubai to know more.

Can help in brand recall

While there are a variety of options available when designing an exhibition stand one needs to know that an exhibition stand that is created based on a brand’s message or even colors can help in creating good brand recall.

Showcase your products more effectively

Not only is an exhibition stand useful in creating brand recall and building your brand’s image in an exhibition but is also responsible for highlighting and displaying your products or services in a very effective manner. When you have a well-designed and attractive looking exhibition stand for your business and any trade show you can rest assured that your products and services will be easily visible to those viewing your stand. This way you can Gain fruitful results by participating in an exhibition has a good display will always lead to better sales figures and conversions.

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Things to keep in mind before you opt for outdoor advertising in Dubai


We are all aware of the power of outdoor advertising and how important it is today to promote a business in a place like Dubai. With increasing competition and an increase in difficulty in sustaining our position in the market as a business and outdoor advertising is something that none of us can neglect anymore. It is probably one of the best ways to help run a successful business. Although you might also worry about how successful your outdoor advertising campaign will be. After all the main objective of any advertising campaign be it indoor or outdoor is to generate a ton of sales for your business.

While outdoor advertising is today one of the oldest and one of the most popular ways for promoting the business of different types in the market It is important that you do it the right way. One must know that an effective advertising campaign is a great way to impact your audiences. Although what many businesses feel is the difficulty to catch consumers attention through their outdoor advertising campaign. We have listed down some of the effective ways to promote your advertising campaign with the help of outdoor advertising. Make sure to keep these points in mind before opting for an outdoor campaign.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that even though you have a very good location or space available your advertising campaign has to stand out to make an impact. Read below some tips for effective outdoor advertising

Try to make your advertising shareable

This is probably one of the most important rules that you have to follow when opting for an outdoor advertising campaign. You have to think out of the box in order to make sure that your ad campaign stands out from your competitors in the market. This is important to increase your reach and to generate more leads. And in order to achieve this objective, you can try some bold marketing and try to create an impact through creative digital graphics by using LED video wall for outdoor marketing.

Choose locations that comprise of high traffic

Your location plays an extremely important role in the success of your outdoor advertising campaign. You need to choose a location that comprises of high traffic. While it may be a little more expensive as compare to quieter spots you need to know that a location that does not have a lot of traffic will only offer you a very limited exposure. It is always better to invest a little more and yield good results.

Take a look at your competitors’ campaigns

It is always a good idea to 1st take a look at what your competitors are doing before planning upon your own advertising strategy. This is important so that you can analyze yourself and your competitor in the market. It is also very useful for a successful outdoor advertising campaign. Also, make sure that you only use their campaign ideas as an inspiration and not copy them completely. Also, do not use your outdoor advertising campaign to call out on your competition.

Where do printing companies fit within today’s digital age?


The digital age has transformed and simplified our lives. Not only has this it been proven as a boon to most of the industries whose business today flourishes because of the support they receive from the various digital technologies. The digital technologies and gadgets have helped us gather crucial and vital information from across the globe simply through a click. Finding and curating information has become much easier. Not only is this the digital age today responsible for the many new innovations involved in recent times. While most of the industries have benefited and leveraged the use of Digital technology, there is one industry whose fate today seems to diminish because of the invention of digital technologies. That industry is the print industry. And this is not a recent trend or a recent question arising about the survival of the print industry. Since many years now people have protected the demise of the print industry after the invention of digital technologies in the early 2000s. This was the beginning of the digital age that restricted the growth of the print industry.

Many segments of the print industry have been affected after the event of digital technology. Segments such as print newspapers have also seen a decline in their revenue. The reason being today the Internet and social media platforms have completely changed the news landscape in unimaginable ways. It is now possible for any individual to access any kind of news or information simply through a click at any time during the day or night. Digital technologies today has connected the globe in numerous ways. One needs to know that this connectivity is extremely powerful and has also allowed audiences from diverse reason to come together and communicate and share their ideas. This was a hurdle to achieve before the invention of digital technologies. And while there are many advantages that digital technology one also needs to know that it comes with its own set of disadvantages.

For instance, digital media lacks tangibility which can still be offered by newspapers and magazines. Not only this it also lacks the traditional qualities that are enduring and are provided by the print industry. The digital technologies lack the ability to touch, smell and also to feel.

And hence while the print industry might be struggling somewhere after the event of the digital Era, Elimination of this industry completely can never happen. Print industry & signage companies in Dubai today still is extremely popular in many parts of the globe. One needs to know the digital Technologies cannot be solely used in order to promote your business. Even the big players in the market still rely upon the print industry. Visiting cards, pamphlets, letterheads, brochures, menu cards, and even billboards are widely being used across the world. From Stadium wraparound banners to even boards and signage print — he still plays an active role in advertising and marketing.

To conclude while the advent of digital technology has clearly set a disruptive effect on the print industry, eradication or elimination of this industry can never happen. In fact, the digital era has created some great opportunities in driving the rebirth of printing companies in Dubai.

How digital printing has benefited the marketing industry

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Digital printing is a modern printing method that has today revolutionized the advertising and marketing industry in Dubai. This printing method involves the use of digital files as an alternative to the printing plates. It has surely proven to be a boon in the marketing industry. In today’s time where every business looks forward to adapting to the best technologies to promote your business, digital printing has surely simplified this process. We have listed down some of the advantages that digital printing offers.

It offers personalization

Personalization of data and variable data printing lets the customization of each Graphic on a printed by print basis. The good part about digital printing is that every impression on the paper can be different making digital printing an ideal option for those who wish to run personalized campaigns. In today’s time, many businesses use digital printing to help in expanding business advertising.

Better speed

Another advantage of using digital Printing in marketing and advertising if you want the turnaround time to be very fast. Unlike a traditional model of renting one does not need to prepare plates. Thus there is very little set up time.

Better quality

Nobody can deny the fact that digital printing offers the best quality printing. The technology used has improved significantly over the number of years and offers the best results for any marketing campaign.

The versatility factor

Digital printing and its designs are surely versatile. One can easily print any kind of material that they need through digital printing and make variations and choose materials or designs as per their preferences. There is no limitation when it comes to designing graphic with the help of digital printing.

Better value

Another great benefit of digital printing is that it offers good value. An advantage of digital printing is that the setup time required is very minimum And hence the cost involved is also less. This way it offers better value with the shorter print runs. There are many digital printing companies in Dubai that can offer you the best results

There are many other advantages of digital printing to the marketing industry. For instance, when it comes to digital printing the proofs can be easily reviewed with the help of software used for digital printing. This means that if there are any errors they can immediately be rectified and corrected without having to print the entire design which is the case in traditional printing. This means that your costs are also saved and there is no wastage of paper or any other resources. The graphics or pieces printed with the help of digital printing I have the best quality no matter for which event is they are used. This means even if a graphic is used for a small meeting or for a bigger auditorium for full of prospects the quality will always be the best.

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Choosing the best exhibition stand builder company


Today one of the most important and strongest approaches to target a large base of customers is by participating in trade shows and exhibitions. Participating in exhibitions can help in increasing brand awareness. It also helps in increasing the interaction between clients and potential buyers too. Exhibitions and trade shows are probably one of the best ways to exhibit what you are and what do you deal into.

And to make the most out of an exhibition your exhibition stand needs to be composed in a way that increases your visibility and most importantly conveys the key message of your brand which shall help in increasing a large number of visitors. But how to achieve this is a dilemma faced by many. The solution is simple. You need to select the right exhibition stand builder company to promote and enhance your brand.

Below are some reasons that rightly prove why you need to hire only the best Exhibition stand makers in Dubai.

A good company will understand your needs

When you choose a professional or expert You can rest assured about the work they do. A good company will always try to understand your needs and requirements and shall work upon creating a stand that meets all these requirements. They will help in conveying the right message across the audience thereby increasing footfalls To your stand.

A good company has experience in building exhibition stands

Experience always matters and when it comes to choosing an exhibition stand company you need to ensure that you are collaborating with a company that has previously got a good experience in building stands of the industry you belong to. When a company has got a good experience they understand how our exhibitions or trade shows would benefit you and hence will create a unique design that will help in making your brand stand out.

Longer life

Anybody investing in buying an exhibition stand would want that the stall is used for different exhibitions or trade shows. You need to choose a company that gives you a guarantee. Choosing a good exhibition stand company ensures that the materials used in creating the stand of premium quality so that your stand has a longer life.

Most importantly the exhibition stand Company you choose needs to be in liaison with you and your brand. This will help in ensuring that the company works and maintains the brand guidelines. Make sure that the company has trained and proficient stuff with a good industry experience who can perceive your company’s culture and its message to be conveyed through the stand. Also before choosing a company looks at the client portfolio in order to understand the kind of work the company has done previously and whether it is as per your requirements. Keeping these factors in mind will surely help you perform in a much better way in any exhibition.

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Can display stands attract customers?


The primary and probably one of the most important objective for any advertising activity or campaign is to ensure if the activity is having an impact on the audience. Attracting potential buyers to an extent that they take a necessary or vital action is very crucial. This is where display stands can be used as an effective mode of advertising and marketing. There are many reasons as to why display stands can be an attractive mode of marketing. Read below to know in detail:

They can be placed strategically

Unlike other modes of marketing and advertising, the good part about display stands is that you can place it strategically and just the way you want to. This means that display stands can be placed at the right location to target a specific audience. Based on the demographics or location, you can choose to place display stands the way you want to. The returns are surely guaranteed to be higher as compared to the other modes of advertising.

They come with a variety of options

If you are worried that display stands are too monotonous and that not too many options are available in them, let us tell you that you are quite mistaken with if you think this way. Today display stands come up with a variety of options. There are attractive colors that one can use, the size or shape of the display stands too can be chosen as per one’s preference and requirements. With so many options available for one to choose, it is possible to be as creative as you want to with your stand. This means that you will surely attract a good number of walk-ins to the store or even the website through display stands. You can find some of the best signage companies in Dubai for the finest display stands designs.

They communicate the message right

Display stands can also be used to communicate across the right message. The small size of display stands ensures that the content you display is to the point. This way the display stands can communicate the message aptly and with proper focus. Display stands have been increasingly used for showcasing offers, discounts and newly launched products too. You can display the store location to guide your potential audience towards your store.

These were some reasons that rightly prove how display stands are effective in attracting the audiences. Having said this, there is an added advantage of display stands. They are cost-effective too! Unlike other mediums of advertising like billboards, radio and even TVCs display stands are much economical and will fit your budget. This means that besides being cost-effective they can attract masses at a much cheaper rate. They also have a long-life and hence most shops and store owners prefer purchasing display stands over other modes of advertising.

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Brand Me Advertising

If you are someone looking forward to participating in an exhibition, one of the most important things to look out for is a company that excels in offering you with the best exhibition stands. This is because the exhibition stand plays an extremely important role in your overall performance in any trade show or exhibition. A stand is what creates the first impression on your buyers and you surely do not want something will make your potential buyers walk away from your booth. So how to decide upon a good company. If you are new to participating in exhibitions & events this dilemma is common and we are here to help you out! Here’s our blog that will help you find the perfect exhibition stand builder for your business. Read the below pointers to know more:

The reputation of the company

There are companies out there in the market who can make promises and you surely do not want to be associated with any of them. For this very reason, it is extremely important to find out the reputation of the company. You can visit a few nearby stores to find out about the company you are planning to choose. If not, then you can always check some reviews online about the company to understand how the company works as well. A reputation exhibition stand builder company will guide you in the best possible way and you no longer need to worry about the quality of your stand too. Make sure you do your research well before finalizing any company or exhibition stand builder.

Years of expertise

Just like reputation matters, experience in the industry also matters. Years of expertise plays a very crucial role too before deciding upon a company. This is because the exhibition stand is a one-time heavy investment and you do not want to be associated with someone who does not bring out the best output. Rather look out for a company that has years of experience in your industry. When you find an excellent stand builder who has an experience in your industry you can be at ease as they know it right as to how to create a stand & make it perfectly representable for your industry. While a newcomer in the industry may charge you less, the company shall surely lack experience in offering you the best result.

Cost of making

Lastly, you need to keep your options when it comes to the budget. Never finalize a company immediately. It is always recommended that you at least visit 2 to 3 companies or exhibition stand makers and check out the price range. Choose the one that offers you excellent services at a good rate.

These are some crucial tips to keep in mind for every business before deciding upon any vendor or an exhibition stand company in Dubai. To know more about the exhibition stand companies in Dubai, click here.